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Why I Started Quick Histories

I am someone who always understood history. As a child, I pored over history books and eventually I studied history at university. When I became a writer, I published historical novels. Friends would ask me to explain things from history to them and I found that I could. But often people have confided in me that they love history but they do not always retain it.

Quick Histories give you all the main points in a particular historical subject, big or small, in understandable but serious language, facts you can retain and remember. All our books can be read in an hour or two, either in one sitting, or over a few days. Quick Histories are just long enough for a plane or train journey.

We add new titles all the time, so why not check out our other books to see what other parts of history you can ready quickly but remember easily.

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Thanks for reading!

Neil Blackmore
Founder & Chief Writer, Quick Histories